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Frequently Asked Questions
What is royalty-free stock?
Basically, royalty-free stock is footage that's available for end-use in commercial or non-commercial projects. Once licensed, the clips may freely be used in most any project. Actual terms-of-use may vary from clip to clip; details may be found here (via Pond5.com).

How much do clips cost?
Pricing varies depending on the clip's resolution and complexity. Each clip's price is clearly marked on the clip's file details page.

Where are clips licensed?
All clips shown on this website link to the Pond5.com stock footage agency. You may license the clips there. If Pond5.com is not your agency of choice, many of the same clips are available on other on-line agencies such as ShutterStock, iStockPhoto,, or Revostock.

Do I "own" the clips once purchased?
Technically, you do not "own" any purchased clips. What you do own is a license to use the clips in a way as they were intended. This is defined by the terms-of-use contract you agree to when you make a purchase. For more information, please refer to the terms-of-use policy, detailed here (via Pond5.com).

What formats are available?
All of these clips are in the Quicktime file format. They are compressed with either the PhotoJPEG or MotionJPEG codecs. Both codecs are the industry-standard and widely compatible with all non-linear edit workstations.

What was used in creating these clips?
All of the video clips were shot in high-definition using professional high-quality cameras like a Canon C300 cimema camera, Canon 5D MKII and Canon 7D. The clips were created in HD resolution in Adobe After Effects.

What are "Editorial Clips"?
Clips that are marked as "editorial" on the file details page are intended for use in a newsworthy manner or in a documentary project. They cannot be used commercially, such as in an advertisement or to imply the clip is endorsing or otherwise representing a commercial entity. Generally, editorial clips do not have the proper release on-file for the identifiable people and/or property in the clip that would permit commercial useage. Not all agencies license editorial clips, and usage requirements for those that do are detailed at the agency from where you're licensing the clip. Please review the requirements before using any editorial clip in your project(s).

Who is behind all these clips?
Jake Hellbach and Delores Taylor are the creators of these clips, they are accomplished videographers.

He also has a wide variety of other non-Texas stock footage clips available. For more information, visit JHDT Stock Images.

Houston Downtown Fisheye view of the Enron building Early morning view of Houston Lake Travis Dam Austin


texasstockfootage.com is the largest on-line, independently-produced collection of royalty-free HD stock footage shot in Texas.

Clips from this website may be licensed through the Pond5.com stock footage agency and used in a wide variety of projects.

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